Tele-Health appointment is similar to a clinic appointment. This will help healthcare provider to take history, exam, discuss assessment and plan over HIPPA secure medium.

Similar to a clinic appointment at one of our offices you need to make appointment, fill forms, submit payment/insurance information prior to appointment. Call clinic or download form and fax them to us. Emailing documents is not accepted as it’s not HIPPA secure.

Once our staff verifies payment/insurance information, they’ll setup appointment and provide you with instructions to come to Tele-Health appointment.

Doctor may order tests, medications, therapy during the Tele-Health appointment. Most of these orders are electronically transmitted to appropriate pharmacy or provider so you can get them doen prior to next appointment. If you want to change Tele-Health appointment to clinic appointment just call our office and they’ll be happy to change it.

Any questions call our office to discuss.

If you are ready for your appointment please click here.

Sunil Thummala, MD
Neurologist, Board Certified.

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