An average doctor spends a few minutes with a patient and tells what to do. A great doctor understands that there is a human behind a patient, takes time to listen to patient concerns, and designs a treatment plan that is personalized to that patient. Dr. Sunil Thummala excels as a great doctor.

​Our philosophy is to provide compassionate and excellent neurological care to our patients. Dr. Thummala, rated as one of the best neurologists in North Texas, works selflessly to evaluate and treat patients with various neurological problems. He uses latest evidence based techniques in diagnosing and treating neurological diseases. He creates a compassionate, caring environment where diagnostic and treatment plans are designed based on patient cenetered approach. Personalized care accounts for much of Dr. Thummala’s likeability among his patients. He keeps every appointment warm and human, maintaining open communication to foster patient-doctor rapport.

​It’s common for medical professionals to become bogged down by the complexity of treatment options and lose sight of the human being who is under their care. Often, patients who come to us for the first time tell us they don’t know why they are taking a medication, why they had a test, what the outcome of test means to them, and most importantly what to expect going forwards. We understand that this creates significant anxiety among patients. At our practice we listen to you and educate you on your neurological condition. We consider it as our basic responsibility to explain to you in plain language what is going on, what are your options and what to expect going forwards. The mission statement of our practice is to match professional integrity with humanity, committing to this patient-physician dynamic with a pride born of ethical foundations. If this appeals to you let us talk. We can be reached at 972-NEURO-98.

Dr. Sunil Thummala is a board certified neurologist who specializes in treating neurological disorders such as epilepsy, headaches, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke. For full list of symptoms and diseases we diagnose and treat please download our brochure

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