Sunil Thummala, MD Board Certfied Neurologist
Offices in Frisco and Paris, TX

9191 Kyser Way Ste 202, Frisco, TX 75033
3146 Clarksville St, Paris, TX 75460
Phone: 844-888-HEAL, 972-638-7698, 903-732-6102
Fax: 855-459-5658
(844) 888-4325
Sunil Thummala, MD

Dr. Thummala is a Neurologist certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS). He practices neurology with office locations in Frisco and Paris, TX. He believes core of patient care must include compassion and comprehensiveness of evaluation. He believes treating just symptoms, without treating cause of underlying symptoms, leads to a temporary and instant gratification but likely no long term benefit to patients. In fact if the condition is progressive, which many chronic diseases are, symptomatic treatment can lead to long term harm.

At our practice we do workup to find out the root cause of your symptoms and not just prescribe pills to mask your symptoms. We treat based on accepted standards of medical care following evidence based medicine. We mean no non-sense treatment.

Dr. Thummala evaluates you, educates you in a layman terminology about what he thinks is going on, lays our detailed plan with options and, makes his recommendations. He puts you, the patient, in-charge of overall decision making in your health care. He doesn’t push his decisions on you but provides what he believes is best for you, so you can make a truely informed decision.
We treat:

TBI/Concussion/CTE etc;
Headache disorders/Migraines/Cluster headaches etc;
Memory problems incl dementia, MCI, CTE etc;
Seizures incl Epilepsy etc;
MS, CIDP, MG and other autoimmune disorders;
Imbalance/Dizziness incl BPPV, stroke etc;
Recurrent Falls incl stroke;
Tingling, Numbness, neuropathy etc;
Muscles disorders incl DM, PM, IBM etc;
Vision/speech/swallowing issues due to neurological reasons;
Bladder control issues due to neurological reasons;
Tremors, Parkinson's Disease and other Movement disorders;
Vascular disorders including TIA, Stroke, Aneurysm;
Pain disorders;
Spinal cord and vertebral spine/disc disorders etc.
We offer:

1. Botox for migraine, chronic pain, spasticity, hyperhydrosis;
2. Nerve blocks, Trigger point injections;
3. EEG and Home EEG monitoring;
4. Ultrasound and vascular ultrasound;
5. X-rays and CT/MRI scan;
6. Neuromodulation:
7. Vagal Nerve stimulation;
8. Deep brain stimulation;
9. Balance evaluation incl VNG study;
10. EMG and Nerve conduction study;
11. Autonomic nervous system evaluation.

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